You know you've always wanted to play on the huge equipment you see on construction sites. Whether you're 14 or 114 years, you CAN drive REAL earth moving machines at Dig This®!

Everyone Digs Us:

"Toys For Big Boys! I would recommend this for any guy that has ever wanted to operate a giant tonka toy!"
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"As they say, playing in the sandbox taken to a whole new level...WOW! Save some of your gambling money and go play in the dirt." >> Reviews
"These 2 guys look like kids at Christmas as they dig, knock over tires & play basketball. It must be EVERY man's dream come true." >> Reviews
Advance purchase highly recommended. Digs sell out fast!
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Dig This - Construction Site Adventure
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"Way too much fun! My husband did the mini dig and "played" on a bulldozer. You will totally "Dig This!"
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"A must when in Vegas!!! Great time and wife loved it too!! If you do only one activity in Vegas let it be this!"
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